Afraid of the Dentist?

Don’t Be Afraid Anymore

Ever since childhood millions of people have had fear of the dentist. Some have had negative experiences at dental offices, felt pain and discomfort during a procedure, or have felt generally uncomfortable at the cold hands of a dentist. Unfortunately, this fear keeps millions of Americans from visiting the dentist until their oral pains and diseases become severe, which can cause them even more negative experiences with their dentist.

Some people avoid their dentist due to their embarrassment over the state of their teeth and mouth, and worry they will be ridiculed at the dentist’s office for lack of care or oral difficulty. In Loveland, Colorado, leave your fears aside, as Dr. Pitt will work with you to get the right care you need without making you feel guilty or embarrassed.

If your painful experiences have deterred you from the dentist in the past, ask Dr. Pitt during your visit about the process you are interested in. He will walk you through the procedure step by step and offer alternative options if needed. Dr. Pitt will find a way to put you at ease about any dental visit.

At our dental office in Loveland, Colorado, we are as interested in our patients as much as we are interested in their teeth and what they require. We like to know both good and bad experiences you’ve ever had at a dentist’s office, and we take into consideration those issues you may have with particular dental procedures and treatment. Our goal is the same as yours: to eliminate the pain and give you a beautiful smile.

Coming in for a teeth cleaning and preventative exam in Loveland can get you back on track with the health of your teeth. Waiting to visit the dentist, no matter what the reason, can result in severe oral and overall health problems. Contact Dr. Pitt to schedule a consultation to find out which procedures are right for you. Let us put you at ease about your teeth, and we’re sure you will enjoy your beautiful smile.