Bleeding Gums Loveland Colorado

If you are suffering from bleeding gums, do not wait until the problem worsens. Bleeding gums are a telltale sign of gum disease, a disease caused by bacteria build-up in the gums that can quickly fester into more serious health problems. This disease often goes untreated and undiagnosed for months and even years.

Before diagnosis, Dr. Pitt must check your teeth and gums thoroughly to determine whether your bleeding gums are the result of an already existing gum disease or if the problem is still in its early stages. Often bleeding gums is the result of an excess build-up of plaque and bacteria that cause gingivitis, one type of gum disease. If the plaque is allowed to harden into tartar, the end result is periodontal disease.

With an oral examination by Dr. Pitt, you will easily find out whether your bleeding gums are the symptom of gum disease, or if they are the sign of brushing too hard, hormonal changes, improper flossing, vitamin K deficiency, and others.

If you have bleeding gums and are worried that it might be a symptom of gum disease, contact Dr. Pitt today and schedule an appointment with his Loveland dental office.