Dental Bonding Loveland Colorado

Tired of your cracked, chipped, or stubby teeth? Dr Pitt performs dental bonding as one of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at his Loveland dental office.

Dental bonding is used for both aesthetic and practical reasons, and leaves your smile more complete and functional. Dental bonding is often used for closing gaps between teeth, elongating the teeth, altering the shape of the tooth, and masking discolored teeth among others.

Why Dental Bonding? How it Works

Dental bonding is a quick and pain-free cosmetic dentistry procedure that generally doesn’t require any anesthesia. The process begins with the roughening and conditioning of the affected teeth to insure that the resin used for dental bonding can adhere to the existing tooth. The resin is carefully matched to the color of your natural teeth and blends, which creates a more natural and improved smile overall. The resin is then applied to the tooth, molded, and left to harden. This process works to fix chipped or cracked teeth, helps cover up unsightly stains, and leaves you with a more comfortable smile.

Improve Your Smile with Dental Bonding

If you are tired of your chipped teeth or gaps and want a complete smile that will last for years, schedule a consultation in Loveland with Dr. Pitt and learn whether dental bonding is right for you.