Dental Bridges Loveland, Colorado

Dental bridges are designed much like bridges we see every day. They function as supports to fill the gaps between a missing tooth or many teeth in a patient, just as an outdoor bridge links the gaps between land masses. If you self-conscious about a missing tooth or multiple teeth and have interest in a dental bridge, contact our Loveland office today to schedule a consultation.

Bridging the Gap – Benefits of a Dental Bridge

People can lose their adult teeth at any point in their lives for a number of reasons. Perhaps they were clumsy and accidentally fell up the stairs. Some lose their teeth after a hockey game. And some may have lost their teeth due to a related health problem that was out of their control. Whatever the case, receiving a dental bridge can create a more complete smile, and perhaps a more complete you.

Dental bridges include two crowns that are placed over the closest teeth to the gap, also called anchoring teeth or abutment teeth, and are attached to anchoring teeth, or pontics. These pontics then fill the gap of one or more missing teeth.

Dental bridges serve as both aesthetic and practical solutions to a missing tooth issue. They can prevent teeth from shifting out of place, act as a distributor of force while chewing, biting, and talking, and can restore your smile to completeness.

Taking proper care of your dental bridge will insure that you will enjoy your teeth for years to come.

Take Care of Yourself With a Dental Bridge in Loveland

Getting a dental bridge can help your existing teeth stay healthy longer. Contact Dr. Pitt today if you are interested in replacing your missing teeth. Make your smile the best it can be for you.