Tooth Crowns in Loveland Colorado

If you have a cracked or chip tooth that has resulted from trauma or injury and is causing you pain, it may be time to consider a dental crown procedure. Used for both practical and aesthetic reasons, teeth crowns can be used to seal and cover chipped and cracked teeth to restore your teeth to health. Dental crowns can help you in a variety of ways, depending on your case, including:

  • Protecting a cracked or weakened tooth from further damage
  • Keeping a dental bridge in place
  • Supporting a broken tooth, one that is no longer whole
  • Covering and protecting dental implants
  • Covering misshapen and discolored teeth

Dental crowns can be made from porcelain, metals such as gold and chromium, and resin. Each has a different durability and severity of wear to opposite teeth while chewing.

Not only do teeth crowns protect your teeth from further wear and pain, they also provide a more complete smile. Receive a dental crown in porcelain for a more natural repair that leaves your smile beautiful, or have a gold crown placement at a back molar for extended durability against tough foods. You do not have to live with the pain of a cracked adult tooth. Contact Dr. Pitt at his dental office in Loveland Colorado today or schedule an appointment to learn more about dental crowns.