Gum Contouring Loveland

Lose Your Gummy Smile

Many people are self conscious about the gum to tooth ratio of their mouth. For some, the amount of gums in the mouth overwhelms the teeth and creates some embarrassment over how much of those gums show when they smile. At our Loveland dental office, we offer gum contouring, which is the cosmetic dentistry procedure that reshapes the gums to show more white than pink.

Expose your Pearly Whites and Smile in Loveland

Gum contouring is a wonderful way to remove the excess gums from the top of the existing teeth, giving you a brighter and more confident smile. The process consists of a laser removal system that shapes and eliminates the unnecessary gums in your mouth, exposing your beautiful teeth. Some dentists prefer a scalpel to laser treatment, so let your Loveland dentist know which process you prefer.

The process is pain free and quick, so if you are tired of your gummy smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pitt in Loveland today and feel more confident about your smile.