Gum Disease Loveland Colorado

Gum disease is one of the most common diseases of the mouth, and its symptoms are often ignored by those plagued with the disease, also known as periodontal disease. If left untreated, gum disease can evolve into more serious oral issues and even health problems and risks that can be detrimental. By scheduling a consultation with our dental office in Loveland, Dr. Pitt can thoroughly examine and treat your periodontal disease before it worsens.

Bacteria from food and lack of brushing can easily fester and grow over your teeth and gums, creating terrible gum disease.

What to Look For

Knowing you have gum disease and calling your Loveland dentist is the best thing you can do for your teeth. Symptoms for periodontal disease include:

  • Bleeding Gums
  • Loose or Sensitive Teeth
  • Red or Swollen Gums
  • Constant Bad Breath
  • Receding gums

If any of these symptoms applied to you, be sure to contact Dr. Pitt’s Loveland dental office and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Pitt is skilled in general dentistry practices and can treat your gum disease, giving you a nice pain-free smile and comfort.

Risks of Untreated Periodontal Disease

Deciding that your gum disease can wait a little longer can lead to various health problems, both orally and throughout the rest of the body. Gum disease can cause cardiovascular problems such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and many more. Gum disease that goes untreated in pregnant women can cause pre-term labor and low-weight deliveries. Respiratory diseases and osteoporosis may also be caused or worsened by untreated periodontal disease.

If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease or are worried you might be developing gum disease, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Pitt for a consultation in Loveland, Colorado. Seeking gum disease treatment today will benefit the health of your body and keep you smiling.