Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Loveland Colorado

Having an infected tooth is painful for anyone. Receiving root canal treatment is the best option for you if you are plagued by a damaged or infected tooth. Root canal treatment is not by any means the simplest or quickest dental procedure, however with Dr. Pitt you can receive the full use of your tooth after undergoing root canal therapy.

What to Look Forward to

Root canal therapy deals with the inside of the tooth, more specifically the pulp tissue within the tooth where the nerve tissue is located. The procedure itself consists of two separate parts that can usually be completed in the same day, so you can return to normalcy with your teeth in healthy working order.

During the first part of the treatment, your Loveland dentist removes any existing bacterial toxins, bacteria, injured nerve tissue, and debris from your broken tooth. Having a clean tooth inside will help prevent infection. The second part of the root canal involves filling the tooth and then sealing it. This will ensure that the infection will not resurface and continue to spread.

Call our dental offices in Loveland, Colorado to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pitt and find out if root canal therapy is the right avenue for you. You don’t have to live with tooth aches and pains anymore.