White Fillings Loveland

Change To White Fillings

If your dentist has filled your cavities with amalgam fillings and you’re self-conscious about the fillings showing when you open your mouth, it may be time to consider the alternative to amalgam fillings- white fillings.

Old metal fillings are a thing of the past with white fillings, a comfortable solution to cavity filling that leaves you with the same durability but a more natural smile.

White fillings, also known as tooth colored fillings, are becoming widely preferred over amalgam fillings as people wish to have a healthy and protected smile that still looks entirely natural. White fillings are made of either composite resin or porcelain and blend much better with your natural teeth than their metal counterparts.

Have more questions about white fillings? Check out our tooth colored fillings FAQ page for Loveland, Colorado to learn more.

Contact Dr. Pitt today to change out your amalgam fillings for white fillings. Retain the beauty of your smile and keep the metal out of your mouth.